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Stago How to help strengthen the brand among its international customers?

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Stago, an in vitro diagnosis (IVD) company develops, manufactures and sells the largest range of Haemostasis analysis reagents and instruments around the world. Its R&D, production and logistics activities are mainly based in Europe and its head office is in Asnières sur Seine (near Paris). Stago products are available in 110 countries via 16 subsidiaries, 4 distribution offices, and 90 distributors. Stago currently employs 2,600 people around the world.

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The pitch

  • Stago re-organised the technical architecture of its Extranet, a genuine ambassador for the brand among its customers and its distributors.
  • Therefore, a project team was created in order to coordinate the upgrade of interfaces which needed to be more ergonomic, with a wish for something different in order to offer the idea of something new.

The project’s challenges

  • To offer a user centric vision through the upgrading of the customer experience.
  • Support the project team in the development of a service-centred vision.
  • Improve the approach via multicultural expertise in the project’s main dimensions (services, quality, customer relationship, etc.).

The approach

  • Organisation of co-design workshops in order to involve stakeholders in the upgrading project.
  • Design of modular interfaces that adapt to the users’ business profiles.
  • Production of a prototype to validate the coherence of the browsing principles.
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Through the organisation of co-design workshops, we were able to involve the stakeholders in the design project for these interfaces and comply with customer feedback from the field.

The integration of an expert in intercultural ergonomics allowed us to manage the project’s international character without having to call upon a representative from each geographic zone.

Finally, this group designed a modular system that adapts to users’ business profiles and offers content which is more or less detailed according to the user’s origin.

Pierre JANKOWIAK Human centered designer, youand

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