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Youand is a positive and committed digital design agency, an expert in service design, website design and business tools.

The Youand undertaking

Youand defends a positive and committed approach, which believes that the future of brands, companies, and institutions, requires, as a priority, a “HUMAN” dimension.

Our belief
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Our expertise

Service design

Service Design is a holistic co-design approach. At Youand, beyond knowledge of technical solutions, our approach is based on three key ingredients:

  • A principle of co-construction with your users in close synergy with your teams. This has always been part of our DNA. It has become a condition of success in increasingly complex customer universes.
  • An eco-system of experts: our ergonomists and UX designers come from cognitive science and psychology in order to offer a specialist analysis of the user: our creative teams integrate the most relevant technologies; we work with partners (copywriters, SEO, IT experts, etc.) to offer the complete range of specialisations required for the success of the projects entrusted to us.
  • The methodology: the key to stimulating creativity, innovating and producing answers that go beyond the needs expressed in order to offer true added value.

Designing and upgrading websites

Design, upgrade, or simply optimise your digital ecosystem, our team accompanies you in the organisation and hosting of co-creation workshops in which all the stakeholders participate in the development of your future tool: website, extranet, web apps, mobile app.

Compare your knowledge with the reality in the field by inviting your users to the table. This is the key ingredient for a customer centric approach.

Modelling business tools and processes

Software interfaces, SaaS solutions, dashboards, etc. In a more quality focused business context, with a customised experience, we feel that it is of great importance to understand who your users are. By going into the field to meet them and talk to them, the overall design is even more in line with their needs. Our experts (sociologists, behavioural psychologists, ergonomists trained in cognitive science, etc.) collect the user’s experience, our know-how.Understanding needs means improving the main lines of your project with them.

Our approach

Youand offers tailored methods which combine:

Customer observation and immersion

Qualitative methods help to understand the complexity of a context or users’ motivations.

Business analysis, content inventory and document analysis, structured interviews and observation are the main tools for this first phase.

Collaborative workshops

Our design methods are based on a panel of 12 to 16 participants with varied profiles, who are representative of future users and the project’s players.

The team works with functional grids which depict the structure of a screen page and its content without taking account of its appearance.

Ideation and innovation by Design Thinking

Our team drives and stimulates ideas about the final solution and its different forms. The best solutions will be selected. Hard sketching, collaborative ideas with Sticky Wall, creativity development by Lego Serious Play®, etc. All tools are used here to achieve the goals.

In particular, Youand offers recognised expertise in Experience Design and has made it its core business by integrating several disciplines.

Sociology and Ergonomics

UX and UI Design

Design Thinking

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